Monday, February 12, 2018


My dad was telling me about a story he heard
On the radio
About how it was saying that things like teen using drugs and alcohol had gone down
I smile and nod
I know this of course as I've heard it before
I think
I add that smoking has gone down a lot as well
He nods
Then he continues and asks me why I think this
I think
And I don't really come up with anything except for just knowledge
All of the campaigns

I tell him so and he admits yes this is some of it
He asks me if I want to know the real reason
I nod and say yes of course
He says technology
Because teens would rather use their phones
Then be social
And be in situations that would lead them to do stuff like alcohol

My first thought is how in the world did they turn this into a negative thing
Then I think
Yeah that's probably true
I know for me in particular
I'm always on my phone
I have social media
I have a blog even
I'm true to the stereotype of millennials and gen zs (I'm not a millennial just btw) loving technology

Technologies nothing bad
It's anything from
The definition
Is "The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry"
Contrary to popular knowledge
No, it's not just electronics
A pencil is also technology
Just not recent technology

In history recently
We were learning vocab and technology was one of them
I think the definition there
Was "something to improve the world"
Or something along those lines
And one of my classmates
Spoke up and said no that's not true
Technology isn't good

I'm a know it all so I tell him how
First things like phones and computers aren't bad
They can have a negative impact but so can literally everything else
Second technology means literally
Like any new advancement

Use your phone
Use your computer
There amazing things
They let us talk to people from across the world (shout out to all of my internet friends!)
They let us share our thoughts
They let us look up information and facts
We never thought possible

But also be social
Hang out with friends
Talk to people
Read books
Play outside
Take a walk in the park

This year I'm going to try to do that
I'm going to try to actually enjoy things
Without feeling the need to take a picture of it
To choose friends over tv (most of the time at least)
Which is sometimes I admit I don't do
I find myself when I'm with a friend
Thinking about how just watching tv or using my computer
Would be so much better
But that's kind of sad


Monday, February 5, 2018

How I Have Time To Blog In My Daily Life + Tips For How You Can As Well

If you're a blogger or just a person who reads blogs you will know this because bloggers are very complaining creatures, blogging is really quite hard. LIKE VERY QUITE HARD.

We  have get to:

-come up with blog posts ideas
-actually write these posts
-schedule these posts or at least think of and try to keep said scedule
-actually interact with other human beings

It's a hard life ok. One of the hard things for me and I know most other people who are in school or have a job outside of blogging can relate is that sometime it's hard to find time to actually blog. With tests and homework and like social things it can be difficult to schedule blogging into my daily life. Aka what this post is about! Before we get started this is a collab with the wonderful Ella Marie from February Fairy! I absolutely love her blog and you have to check it out! She is also doing a post on how she schedules blogging into her daily life which you can check out here.  Without further ado here is how I schedule blogging into my daily life + tips for how you can as well + how to make most of your time + just general time blogging tips things. :)

How I Schedule Blogging Into My Daily Life

My typical school day is I wake up, go to school, and then come home. Once I get home I usually catch up on my instagram dm's. Then of course homework (blehhhhhhhhhh). After that I usually catch up on my feed and then post (I post everyday ya'll like you need to follow me).  Then I start working on my blog or if my parents are being annoying and making me read or do typing (they say I type wrong and they've been making me do these typing lessons it's not good *shakes head*). On weekends pretty much same expect no school of course. Honestly I've been super behind on blogging lately and keeping up with my favorite blogs (so if you haven't seen me comment in a while or if I do but just like ten days after you post that's why).

Tips And Things

1. Make A Schedule

This means know when you are going to post. I post every monday. So I know I have to work on the post over the weekend if I haven't already written it. Also make sure if you have a schedule put it on a day where you are usually free. Don't put it on a day where you have work all day where you can't respond to comments.

2. Batch Write Aka Write Posts In Advance 

I've very much behind currently don't judge me  but usually I have a lot of posts scheduled. I know lots of times people don't have that much time to write so when you do make the most out of it. Always write when you can. Also when your feeling inspired or motivated make the most of that and do things like blogging and not watching youtube. You don't need motivation to watch youtube. Trust me I know.

3. Put Other Things Aside For The Moment

When your phone is going off and your constantly checking instagram it's hard to concentrate and actually write. I know since I got a phone and instagram (follow me like shameless self promo always) I have definitely had that problem. Social media is a super good way to get your blog out there but at least when your writing let yourself write.

4. Set Your Priorities

Meaning what is important to you? When you have free time by yourself what do you want to do? It is one hundred percent ok if the answer is not blogging. That is hundred percent fine. Like I know how great that episode of the newest popular tv show is (I mean actually probably not but you know, not that you were wondering but if you were I'm watching a day at a time right now and IT'S SO GOOD).

5. Keep A List Of Blog Post Ideas + When You Have Ideas Write Them Down

I absolutely hate writers/bloggers block but it happens to the best of us. One of the biggest time wasters ever is staring at a screen doing nothing. Instead keep a running list off all of your blog post ideas. When you just have a random idea. WRITE IT DOWN. When someone comments or messages you saying that they want you to do some post WRITE IT DOWN. Writing like everything down in general is a pretty good policy.

6. Be Passionate About What You're Writing

This number one means have a niche you really like and enjoy and don't just start blogging to get money. Like just no. Second don't write posts you don't truly like and want to write! If you are passionate about what your writing it will be so much easier to write and words will just flow.

7. Make The Most Of Time You Have 

For example if you have ten extra minutes USE IT. Maybe take a picture or two or write an instagram post. If you have 30 minutes USE IT. Blogging doesn't just mean actually writing posts (which can take up quite a bit of time). Take photos, make blog graphics, do social media things, talk with people about collabs, LOTS OF THINGS.

8. Use The World Around You

For example so many of my blog posts ideas comes from my fellow bloggers (shout out to y'all your awesome). The world is full of amazing ideas and thoughts and honestly it blows my mind. Also with photos! When your out and about don't be afraid to snap a pic you might be able to use in a blog post one day! Or maybe even a whole photo shoot because I mean why not right??

Happy February you guys! It's crazy the first month of 2018 is officially over like??? Ummm what??? Again make sure to check out Ella Marie and her wonderful blog! If you ever want to collab feel free to contact me at 

Are you a blogger? If so make sure to link your blog below! What are your goals for february? What was your favorite thing you did in january? How do find time to blog? What are your biggest blogging tips? What kind of posts do you want to see from me in the future? Would you like if I did a bit of a life update post?

Monday, January 29, 2018

17 Instagram Accounts I'm Loving Right Now

Helllllooo everyone! So as you might not know I got instagram in october and I absolutely love it! If you want to keep updated on what's happening to me and the blog and just my day to day life make sure to follow me on there! Ok now that that #shamlessselfpromo is out of the way onto the actual post! Today I thought in celebration of this awesome thing that is instagram I would share with you guys 17 accounts that I have been loving! All of these I would recommend following if you need some more people to follow and also are awesome inspiring for anything photo/instagram related. :) This post was originally going to be 10 but that was too hard so instead here are 17 instagram accounts I'm loving right now (in no specific order)!

This is a collab with the lovely Charlie from CharlieStarBlogs! She posts about beauty and relationships and also just general lifestyle! You can also follow her on instagram.  She is posting on wednesday so make sure to go follow her blog so you don't miss that post! She is also having a super cool giveaway right now you can check out!

Kristian is one of my wonderful friends I've met on instagram! She is just the sweetest and has a beautiful makeup themed feed. She also has a blog which I would recommend you check out as well. :)

Jessie is a youtuber and I love her so much! She has blue hair and is pretty much a mermaid emo princess so it's good. 

I had to include at least one bookstagram account and I thought this would be the perfect one! Her feed is awesome and is pretty much just pastel book goodness. 

All of you guys probably know Abbie but I you don't her you should and you have to check out her blog! She's wonderful and funny and just so nice. Plus she shares awesome advice and resources on just everything on her blog and has a super cool feed!

I just recently followed her on both instagram and youtube and she's super cool! Both her instagram and youtube are kind of simpleish and she also has such a fun personality. I really like her lookbooks and also her latest GRWM

If you don't follow Elly and her blog 
like??? I absolutely love her blog as she is just so talented! She recently revamped it and is now writing a lot more about politics and poetry and honestly I'm like so excited. :) :)

Lexie was one of the first ever kid/teen bloggers I ever found when I started blogging! She is so lovely and I absolutely love her theme right now!

I met Taiya on instagram and she's awesome! She's one of those people that you look at and your just like WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? Anyway she's super cool and has a super cool feed. :)

If you don't know dodie WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? She's a super cool youtuber and musician
and her new ep is just AHHHHHH. And contrary to her instagram bio her theme is absolutely great. :)

I love her theme and her style and just pictures in general. :)

I found her through dodie and one of my other friends actually but seriously SHE'S SO CUTE. I love reading her captions and her photos just make me smile and I'm almost certain she lives at disneyland.  

I don't know how she gets her photos to look so good like tell me your secrets????? She's so pretty and I love her style so much!

Besides just olivia's beatiful feed AS YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE she also runs a fashion and lifestyle blogs and all of her fashion pics are just perfection. :)

I am one hundred percent just shouting out an account that I'm a part of but ITS OK BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME. I'm part of this lovely account with Taiya and Kristina (or buttercup) and it's basically a free feature account where we feature lovely teen influencers. We also have a website where I will be posting monthly WHICH YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT AS WELL. 

She's inspiring and adorable and it's just good. Her stories lately have seriously been making me want to eat healthy! And as it seems like most of the people I follow do she also has a fabulous blog. :)

That username alone y'all. I am not at all jealous of her red hair or how in the world she keeps up her orange and yellow theme???? Like tell me your secrets immediately??? Annnndd she has an awesome blog!

Andd last but not least @twirlingpages!

I've been following her blog for a while and I got excited when I saw she had an instagram! It's a super fun bookish account featuring a bunch of cute photos. :)

You know that post that should have been super easy but wasn't? THAT WAS THIS POST. If you haven't already make sure to follow me on instagram and also check out Charlie's post! If you want to do a collab with me I would absolutely love to!! Just head over to my contact page or send me an email at!

Do you have instagram? Comment down below your account! What accounts would you recommend I follow? What kind of posts would you like to see from me?

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