Monday, December 4, 2017

Interview With Jaiya Victoria A 10 Year Old Model, Actress, and Dancer

Hello you guys! Today I'm pretty excited for this post because I have an interview with Jaiya who I met on Instagram recently! Soooo she's basically famous. Like she has a IMDB page which in my book makes you famous. She's also a dancer and model and skater and drummer and everything else. Did I mention she's 10??? Like this is not fair. So I decided she was like the coolest person so I messaged her and asked her if I could interview her for my blog and she kindly agreed. Let's get started!

In your bio you say you are a dancer, model, and actress but what does that actually mean?
Well it takes a lot of practice and patience and being confident. I take 15+ hours of dance classes per week, plus trying to make time for auditions, and homework of course! 

Ok wow. 15+ hours is super impressive! Who would you say inspires you the most? 
Someone who inspires me is Beyonce’ because she is so brave and confident.

Beyonce is super awesome! If you could have coffee with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
Prince because he was so unique and confident.  From the first time I heard Prince, when I was 2 years old, I used to hold onto the Prince CD cover and ask my mom to play the CD over and over and I even brought it to preschool for show and tell I love Prince so much!!  Also King Bach because he is really cool and funny and he does all these try not to laugh videos mostly by himself.

That's so sweet! How would you describe yourself in 5 words? 
Kind, confident, beautiful, amazing, successful.

Love it. What's something that you've done that you are most proud of? 
Shooting Chronicles Of Jessica Wu and it came out on YouTube on November 19, 2017, and I am proud of shooting it because its about a girl that grows up with autism and discovers her own power and grows up to become a crime-fighting hero. You can watch and subscribe at the following link, I hope you do!!

Everyone should go check that out by the way! I've only seen the trailer so far but even that looks super cool! What advice would you give kids your age who also want to do things like act and dance? 
Just believe in yourself and be confident and brave and respectful and trust yourself.

Totally awesome advice! What would your dream day look like?
My dream day would look like a bunch of unicorns and candy and so much fun and happiness and it would never end and you wouldn’t get bored or tired!

OK same. Unicorns are freaking awesome. What is your favorite thing to do? 
My favorite thing to do is dance, watch tv, spend time with my friends, and be myself.

Nice! What is something that you always try to remember? 
I try to remember that I’m perfect the way I am and everyone else should remember that, to stand up for what you believe, and be yourself.

Everyone should totally remember that! 

Make sure to follow her on Instagram (and while you're at it feel free to follow me as well) and check out the series she's in Chronicles of Jessica Wu!  I absolutely love doing interviews like this or general collabs with other people so if you're a blogger or someone with an online presence make sure to check out my collab page as I would love to work with you!

Do you like when I do interviews? Should I do more interviews like this? How could I improve my interviews? What type of post would you like to see more of on my blog? What would your dream day look like?

Monday, November 27, 2017

7 Things I Have Learned About Instagram So Far

So I got an instagram account recently when I turned 13 and I have been really enjoying it so far! I was super excited because my parents said I couldn't get an account until I turned 13. Also no this whole post is not just me trying to get you to follow me. That is what most of this post is about but not like the whole thing. I'm like so funny. So anyway I thought I would do a fun little post where I shared 7 things I have learned about instagram. :) Some of these are tips for other newbies and some are just general life things. Let's get started!

1. Hashtags Are Super Important

Before I started Instagram I realized hashtags were of course a thing but I don't think I realized how much. I know some people who use like 30 hashtags per post which is super impressive first of all because hashtags are actually harder to think of then some people think. For people who have like an amazing feed that is basically all the same you can use the same hashtags but for most people there pictures are different.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon nbc jimmy fallon tonight show hashtag GIF

2. Looks Are Everything 

Instagram is how things look. That is the basis of what the platform is about. It is looks and perfection and pretty colors and how things fit together. On instagram I've realized that it's how pretty and how pleasing to the eye the picture is that makes them popular not really how cool they are.

3. It's Harder Than You Think

Like seriously. Before I got an account I'm pretty sure I had it in my head that I would post like ten times a day or something. I love photography and am always taking pictures but I've realized that most of the time those pictures aren't that great. Even posting everyday is pretty hard.

 pretty little liars pll lucy hale hard it shouldnt be this hard GIF

4. Captions Should be Interesting 

Although as I said above Instagram is all about looks but the captions should also be good. I think one of the best example would have to be paperfury who is an amazing book blogger. Her feed of course looks amazing and like a magical rainbow unicorn library (I'm not kidding) but her captions are also super funny and snarky and interesting. Also I've noticed that shorter captions just about blogging things to better then longer captions about life things. Like are you guys not interested in my wonderful life???? Am I not cool enough for you???? I'm kidding but still that interested me.

 reaction adventure time interesting tell me more GIF

5. Filters Are Addicting

I've never had snapchat or anything and Instagram is pretty much my first social media and seriously the filters are so addicting. A couple weeks ago one of my little baby cousins came over (she's one of the cutest beings on the entire earth) and I was just playing with all of the filters and we got a couple adorable pictures. When I'm bored I literally find myself just taking random pictures of me with maybe the dog filter. I have an actual problem.

A wild bored Nabila. 

6. You Have To Actually Interact With People

Sadly like most of the rest of social media internet things you have to actually interact with people to get interaction. This means liking posts, commenting, and a bunch more stuff like that. I knew this from my blog but I'm realizing it more now is that I'm actually bad at commenting on people's things which sounds weird but let me explain. A lot of times I want to say something nice but genuine and cool and funny but then I think too much about it and just end up putting something like "awesome picture" for instagram or "awesome post" for blogs. This is an actual problem of mine. We all know those people who are genuinely funny and amazing and always make people smile online because that's their personality and I guess that's just not me? I'm not sure. Anyway... We've gotten off topic.

 hello hi bear wave waving GIF

7. Themes Aren't Essential

I've been debating over this a lot lately and I have to admit I can't really decide but I would say in general this is true. Before I got an instagram I heard a lot about themes and being consistent and all of that general stuff. I've realized that first of all themes are freaking hard to keep up with. It's hard to even find good photos to post and it's even harder to make them actually look good together. Second it's not necessarily essential to have a theme. 

And that's it for today! Make sure to go check out my account  and comment down below your own! I'm not like a stalker but all of you guys are awesome so I want to get to know you! 

Do you have an instagram account? If so what were your first impressions of the app? Have you followed me yet (this answer should of course me yes)? What are some of your tips for instagram? What is your favorite social media app? 

Monday, November 20, 2017

99 Things I Am Thankful For | Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving is IN 3 DAYS and if you haven't already guessed I'm pretty excited! Just the food and the family and the time off and everything just makes me happy. I did a post last year with 29 things I was grateful for and I liked writing that so I thought why not do it again this year? Plus I think for most people writing down what you are grateful for just makes you happy and helps you realize how truly lucky you are. Here are 99 things I am thankful for right now. :)
1. Life
2. Happiness
3. My blog
4. My followers
5. Social media
6. Family in general
8. Friends

9. My besties
10. Isabel
11. Lydia
12. Emma 
13. Alyssa
14. Layla
15. Lexie
16. All of my other friends
17. Mom
18. Dad

18. And my little sis eden 
19. School
20. Everyone who beleives in me
21. Anyone who has ever told me I'm awesome
22. All of the strangers who have waved to me and made me smile
23. The art in my house
24. My house and my bed 
25. My ability to sleep
26. Instagram which you should totally follow me on
27. My phone
28. Photography

29. Theatre 
30. Journalism 
31. Dodie for being the cutest little bean ever and for making amazing music
32. Jessie Paege for having the coolest hair in the known universe and also just being a generally cool human being
33. The rest of my favorite youtubers 
34. Grace Vanderwall who I am hopefully going to see perform in february :)
35. Sabrina Carpender 
36. The Internet
37. My computer
38. Color story for being a cool photo editing app
39. My country aka the US vb
40. Houston

41. Earth
42. Time
43. My voice
44. Songs
45. Music 
46. My brain
47. All of my favroite bloggers!
48. All of the wonderful blog posts that I have read that have made me smile or just think
49. Books

50. Reading
51. My eyes
52. Salad
53. Fridays
54. Saturdays 
55. When I feel productive 
56. The feeling when I finish a book
57. All of the authors in the world
58. The people who inspire me to be me by being truly to them
59. The cheesy inspo quotes that keep me going

Image may contain: one or more people and text

60. Pen and paper
61. Writing 
62. Completing goals
63. My health
64. Tea
65. Water and how it has no taste but this amazing beautiful taste at the same time 
66. My theatre teacher
67. My amazing blogging friends (yes you!)
68. My hair (I like my hair ok don't judge)
69. Netflix
70. My favroite tv shows 
71. Kitty cats 

72. All of the other adorable animals in the world 
73. Fall adorableness 
74. Spring flowers
75. Purple 
76. Rainbow
77. Colors
78. The 8th graders who have for some reason been nice to me especially in my theatre class 
79. Sunrise and sunsets 
80. Flowers 
81. The astros for you know, winning the world series for houston 

82. Technology
83. When I was born
84. My egyptian heritage 
85. Anyone who has ever given me a present
85. People who are fighting for what they believe in and actually fighting the injustice 
86. Emojies 
87. My teachers who I try to remeber don't actually hate me 
88. The english language 
89. The future 
90. Ice cream

91. Brownies 
92. Socks 
93. Rainbow bookstagram photos 
94. Christmas 
95. Thanksgiving 
96. Holidays in general
97. The people who keep me safe
98. Chocolate 
99. Everything sweet

That is a pretty big list. :) If you liked this post make sure to follow me on both bloglovin and also instagram! As I said earlier listing what you're grateful for really makes you realize just how lucky you are. I challenge all of you guys to list at least 3 things you're really thankful for in the comments down below or maybe in a blog post of your own! 

What are you thankful for this year? What are you doing for thanksgiving? Do you celebrate thanksgiving? What is your favorite thing about thanksgiving? What is your favorite holiday? 

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